• Prevention - Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

    The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a new child dental benefits programme.  It gives eligible children access to up to $1000.00 in benefits per child for dental services over two consecutive calendar years.

    If your child doesn't use the full $1000.00 for dental services in the first year, they can use the balance in the second year if they're still eligible.

    You don't need to register for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.  Eligible families and teenagers will get a letter from the Australian Government.  The letter will generally be sent to the person receiving the government payment.


    Children and teenagers are eligible for the Child Dental Beneifits Schedule (CDBS) if they're aged 2 to 17 years for any one day of the calendar year, are eligible for Medicare, and are part of a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A or the child receives an Australian government payment from the list available at humanservices.gov.au/childdental

    Your child's eligibility will be determined each year.  You can check your child's eligibility and balance through your Medicare online account at my.gov.au or by calling 132 011.

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