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Looking after your Smile...

At Lady Bay Dental Clinic all aspects of general dentistry is provided to our patients. These include such things as check-ups, cleans, fillings and dental extractions. We have happy gas available if required and can arrange for sedation and general anaesthetics if required.


For stained teeth or discoloured teeth, bleaching can lighten and whiten your teeth. Bleaching is a safe procure to undergo when instructed by a qualified dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are thin tooth coloured porcelain shells that are carefully crafted to cover the front of unsightly teeth. They are a more conservative treatment than a crown and can often be used as an alternative if the underlying tooth is strong and healthy. Veneers are often used for cosmetic concerns on the front anterior teeth.

AirGARD™ Mouth Guards

AirGARD™ is a thermoplastic mouth guard with numerous air inclusions that increase energy absorption and reduce transmitted forces.

AirGARD™ has patented air-cell technology with improved performance and absorbs more energy for a given thickness which transmits 30% less force and absorbs more energy than conventional mouthguards.

In active sports, AirGARD™ has been proven to Reduce damage to teeth, reduce the risk of concussion and reduce trauma to lips and tongue

Minor Oral Sugary

At lady bay dental we can provide minor oral surgery services including dental extractions and minor soft tissue surgery. Also with the necessary referral from your orthodontist we can provide oral surgery related to orthodontic treatments for both adults and children.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy also known as Endodontics involves treating the nerves inside teeth. Unfortunately, deep decay or trauma may result in a nerve dying in a tooth. Which is often a very painful experience. When this occurs there are 2 options, either remove the tooth or preform root canal treatment. Many millions of teeth each year are saved from extraction by having root canal treatment. All general dental practitioners are trained to perform root canal treatment however the difficult cases may be referred to a Root Canal specialist called an Endodontist.

Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist)

Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth through root canel treatment and are committed to helping you maintain your natural smile for a lifetime. Dr Jeeson Sajeev, our Endodontist has a high success rate in handling such special problems and is available to diagnose and treat tooth pain and perform root canal treatments.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea and snoring can potentially be harmful to your health and may ultimately lead to life threatening conditions such as a stroke, heart disease and increased blood pressure. The treatment of snoring or sleep apnoea with the oral appliance therapy is safe, painless and effective. The appliance used is easy to wear and is small and light so they are easy to carry during travel. Here at Lady Bay Dental we can professionally treat your snoring and sleep apnoea concern with the use of an Oral appliance that will be fitted by a dentist who is trained in their use.

Relative Analgesia

We have Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas) available to our patients, particularly those with mild to moderate anxiety or worries. The gas can be used on the young to old patients and can make a visit to the dentist a very pleasant experience. This does require the necessary consultation with the dentist before undergoing any treatment using the gas.

General Anaesthetic

General Anaesthetic is an anaesthetic that affects the whole body and usually causes a loss of consciousness. Our dentists are more than qualified to undergo this type of procedure.

Please note that this sort of treatment is not done at Lady Bay Dental Clinic but is completed by one of our dentist’s at the local hospital and does involve necessary consultation and paperwork before this form of treatment can be completed.


An artificial crown or ‘cap’ is often the best way to save a tooth and strengthen it. It fits over the prepared existing tooth and replaces the natural crown. It is permanently fixed for long-term function and is generally made from porcelain to suit your natural tooth colour.

Crowns also play a vital role in sealing and protecting teeth that have undergone root canal therapy as they become very weak with such extensive work and the crown is used to strengthen it.


Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of an ‘artificial’ tooth anchored to the adjacent natural teeth. If a tooth is lost through an ‘accident’ or is too badly decayed to save with a crown, a bridge may be the treatment of choice. Bridges are often made of porcelain and metal alloy. Porcelain is strong and can be made to match the colour of natural teeth.


As we age our teeth gradually deteriorate. If teeth are badly affected by wear, trauma, decay or gum disease, your dentist may suggest extraction as the best treatment option. Even at a relatively young age, some people have extensive loss of teeth. When many teeth are lost or extracted, a denture may have to be fitted to maintain normal chewing, bite, speech and appearance of upper and lower jaws. Dentures can be made of acrylic or metal. Your dentist will advise you about the best material for you.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth that can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and may cause permanent damage to the teeth and the jaw joints. At Lady Bay Dental we work in a number of ways to assist you to control your teeth clenching problems by first finding the initial issue causing the clenching problem then we can treat it using various treatment options.